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What to Expect
What does science say about Reflexology?     and 

Before the treatment:
- Foot Reflexology - please wear looser fitting pants on the calf of the leg, if possible, as we will be rolling them up to access the lower leg.
- Hand, Ear and Face Reflexology - please leave all jewelry at home if possible as we will need to remove it for the treatment.
- Masks for you and I are your choice.
- You will fill out a preference checklist for lighting, music etc. and you may bring your own media as well.

You will always remain fully clothed for the duration of all treatments except for your socks.
- I clean the feet, hands, ears and face prior to the treatment.

- With your permission I will use essential oils on the feet, ears and face to enhance the experience.
- I typically use a light, scentless lotion and a reflexology wax but neither are necessary if you prefer not to have these.

During the treatment:
- It is normal to feel pressure and some tender spots. If the pressure is too hard or you feel pain of any kind it is very important to let me know and I can adjust the intensity of the pressure.
- Please feel free to enjoy your time in treatment and know that there are no expectations. People generally get the most out of their treatment when they do what they need to do for themselves in that moment; this may include resting, sleeping, reading, meditating or studying.

At the end of the treatment:
- I accept payment in the form of cash or
e-transfer to and tips are not necessary.
- Receipts are provided and reimbursement is available through some insurance companies, depending on your specific plan.
- Re-booking your next appointment before leaving is recommended as there is generally limited availability.


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